April 04, 2000
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Album Review

Sister 7's third album Wrestling Over Tiny Matters unites the group's vocal and instrumental prowess with their most focused and polished collection of songs to date, including the single "Under the Radar." The enhanced CD also includes interview and concert footage, making the album even more enjoyable for fans drawn in by Sister 7's H.O.R.D.E. and Lillith Fair appearances.
Heather Phares, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Fallen Angel
  2. Polishing the Looking Glass
  3. Under the Radar
  4. The Only Thing That's Real
  5. Elijah
  6. My Three Wishes
  7. Undone
  8. Loaded
  9. Nobody Knows
  10. Kiss Me Baby
  11. Leave This Love
  12. Superman
  13. This One
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