May 16, 2000
The Gold Label
Vocal Music, Vocal Pop, Traditional Pop

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Track Listing

  1. My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic)
  2. Take My Breath Away [From Top Gun]
  3. The Glory of My Life [From Karate Kid II]
  4. In My Life [From for the Boys]
  5. Against All Odds [From Against All Odds]
  6. (I've Had) The Time of My Life [From Dirty Dancing]
  7. Windmills of Your Mind [From the Thomas Crown Affair]
  8. Up Where We Belong [From Officer and a Gentleman]
  9. Days of Wine and Roses [From Days of Wine and Roses]
  10. Music of Goodbye [From Out of Africa]
  11. Unchained Melody [From Ghost]
  12. Go the Distance [From Hercules]
  13. I Will Always Love You [From The Bodyguard]
  14. Valentine [*]
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