May 13, 2000
Jazz, Swing, Dixieland, New Orleans Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz

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Track Listing

  1. It Should Be You
  2. Biff'ly Blues
  3. Feeling Drowsy
  4. Swing Out
  5. Sugar Hill Function
  6. Singing Pretty Songs
  7. Patrol Wagon Blues
  8. Jersey Lightning
  9. Ease on Down
  10. Stingaree Blues
  11. Sweet Sorrow Blues
  12. Firebird
  13. Heartbreak Blues
  14. Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day
  15. House in Harlem for Sale
  16. Body and Soul
  17. Get Rhythm in Your Feet (And Music in Your Soul)
  18. Coal Black Shine
  19. The Crawl
  20. Buzz Me
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