August 08, 2000
Pop/Rock, Punk, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Punk Revival, Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival, Punk/New Wave, Garage Punk

Album Review

While most bands on Estrus Records are often been accused of sounding pretty much the same (i.e., like The Mono Men), this budget-priced sampler proves that isn't necessarily the case. While all 24 acts on deck obviously subscribe to the philosophy of "the less slick, the better," there are plenty of different takes on the loud 'n' proud aesthetic displayed here - semi-retro garage rock (The Coyotemen, The Insominiacs), wild-ass punk (Fatal Flying Guilloteens, The No-Talents), messed-up blues (Soledad Brothers, The Immortal Lee County Killers), shoved-into-overdrive hard rock (The Quadrajets, The Nomads), and even a witty Rolling Stones rip from The Bobbyteens and a slice of Meters-style funk from The Crown Royals. Not for the meek, but if you like you like your rock 'n' roll fast, noisy, and with an extra portion of attitude, The Estrus 100% Apeshit Rock Sampler (Vol. 2) delivers a lot of bang for only seven bucks.
Mark Deming, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Rock & Roll Show
  2. Who Rattled Your Cage
  3. Old Skin
  4. Dirty Little Bird
  5. What Kind of Power You Got?
  6. Blood of Frankenstein
  7. Guilloteens Are Going to Jail
  8. Sweat Vest
  9. Separation
  10. E-G-A-R-A-G
  11. Let's Get Killed
  12. Slow Boat to China
  13. Empty Place
  14. Make My Way
  15. I Want Some More
  16. I've Seen Better
  17. Light Speed Kings
  18. Should I Care
  19. Gimmie Back My Wig
  20. My Girl, the Vampire
  21. In the Kitchen
  22. Sock It to Me
  23. Brokedown
  24. Cool Americans