Electronica, Club/Dance, Detroit Techno, Techno, Electro

Album Review

The only old-school electro LP with any amount of staying power (thanks in part to its release on Fantasy), this CD release of the Cybotron album -- previously known as Enter -- includes crucial, early singles like "Alleys of Your Mind," "Cosmic Cars," and techno's first defining moment, "Clear." The collision of Atkins' vision for cosmic funk and the arena rock instincts of Rick Davis result in a surprisingly cohesive album, dated for all the right reasons and quite pop-minded. Ecological and political statements even crop up with the final tracks, "Cosmic Raindance" and "El Salvador."
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Clear
  2. R-9 [*]
  3. Cosmic Cars
  4. Enter
  5. Alleys of Your Mind
  6. Industrial Lies
  7. The Line
  8. Cosmic Raindance
  9. El Salvador [*]