September 26, 2000
Reggae, Dancehall

Album Review

Once again, Macka B delivers socially conscious lyrics in his signature dark voice over some rousing dancehall beats. As this record illustrates, this Brit has honed his craft to the level of mastery ever since attaining remarkable acclaim with his Mad Professor collaboration, 1986's Sign of the Times. Unfortunately, relative to that album and a few of his other albums, Global Messenger seems fairly derivative, as if Macka B is merely recycling himself. It's hard to blame him for sticking to his craft though; he does what he does well -- arguably better than anyone else in the U.K. Longtime fans shouldn't find anything too revolutionary here, while newcomers should expect an encounter with some of the highest quality dancehall reggae to emerge out of the 1990s.
Jason Birchmeier, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Power of the Mind
  2. Conscious Woman
  3. So Many Things
  4. Effects of Slavery
  5. Mother of Civilisation
  6. Rasta Postman
  7. Do You Feel Irie?
  8. J'Adore le Reggae
  9. Dem Kinda Blackman
  10. Christmas Cancelled
  11. The Human Touch
  12. 4 Minute Vacation
  13. Beaucoup d'Amor
  14. Welcome the Grey
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