Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, American Underground, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Despite guitarist vocalist Arto Lindsay and keyboardist Pete Scherer's reputation for dissonant noise rock that pushes the limits of listenability, this second in a proposed series of seven albums (the idea was to do an album for each of the seven deadly sins), is, at times, rather catchy and almost mainstream. For example, the herky-jerky verses of both "Copy Me" and "Privacy" give way to two very hummable, radio friendly choruses, and the funk basslines and Brazilian tempos that underlay most of the songs on Greed almost make you want to get up and do a jig.
Steve Kurutz, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Copy Me
  2. Privacy
  3. Caso
  4. King
  5. Omotesando
  6. Too Far
  7. Love Overlap
  8. Admit It
  9. Steel Wool
  10. Para Nao Contraria Voce
  11. Quasi You
  12. It Only Has to Happen Once
  13. Dot Stuff