Warner Bros.
Pop/Rock, Prog-Rock, Soft Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, AM Pop

Album Review

Ambrosia's third album (and first for Warner Bros.) is more commercial and less conceptual than their first two releases, Somewhere I've Never Travelled and the self-titled Ambrosia. The album opens effectively with the title track, which is about life, or the lack thereof, in Los Angeles. The better songs on this album, including the title track and the top ten single "How Much I Feel," were written and sung by lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist David Pack.
Tim Griggs, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Life Beyond L.A.
  2. Art Beware
  3. Apothecary
  4. If Heaven Could Find Me
  5. How Much I Feel
  6. Dancin' by Myself
  7. Angola
  8. Heart to Heart
  9. Not as You Were
  10. Ready for Camarillo
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