February 06, 2001
JVC Compact Discs
Electronica, Experimental Electronic, Art Rock

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Track Listing

  1. Opening from the Past
  2. Technopolis [Denki's Techtropolis Remix]
  3. La Femme Chinoise [Groove That Soul Mix]
  4. Tong Poo [DJ Celroy Remix]
  5. Insomnia [Dry and Heavy Remix]
  6. Jiseiki-Hirake Kokoro [Good-Bye Bus Mix]
  7. Rydeen [Yamada Man Remix]
  8. Cosmic Surfin' [Merry-Go-Round Mix]
  9. Behind the Mask [Farewell, Mr. S3000 Remix]
  10. Key [Forest 808 Mix]
  11. You've Got to Help Yourself [Pop'last-C'mix]
  12. Closing for the Future