July 10, 2001
Ritornell/Mille Plateaux
Avant-Garde, Electro-Acoustic

Album Review

This floating minimalist composition uses pure sine tones as its source. German composer Asmus Tietchens has worked on the fringes of avant-garde music since the '60s, and is a pioneer in the genre known as dark ambient. This release from the avant-garde electronica label Ritornell is a subtle and reduced study of the essential sounds of electronic music; with slow repetition and modulations, Tietchens creates an austere floating ambience that is at home in the extreme minimalist world inhabited by composers such as Bernard Gunter and Jliat.
Martin Walters, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Teilmenge 7
  2. Teilmenge 7a
  3. Teilmenge 11
  4. Teilmenge 9
  5. Teilmenge 12
  6. Teilmenge 10
  7. Teilmenge 14