September 18, 2001
Ectople Music
Pop/Rock, Industrial, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock

Album Review

This is the remix album of Flow. Flow itself was a superlative album from Foetus, but the efforts provided by Phylr, Ursula 1000, Franz Treichler (the Young Gods) and more end up with ultra-effective post-industrial beat music. Following Gash and the stifling business relationship with Sony were six years of chemical and alcohol suicide. This ended with J.G. Thirlwell, aka Foetus, making some positive changes, putting him into a state of creative flow that brought out Flow. That triumphant rebirth brilliantly shines through on Blow, a high watermark in the Foetus discography.
Tom Schulte, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Cirrhosis of the Heart [Amon Tobin Mix]
  2. The Need Machine [Franz Treichier Mix]
  3. Victim of Victor [Jay Wasco Mix]
  4. Mandelay [Phylr Mix]
  5. Quick Fix [Charlie Clouser Mix]
  6. Kreibabe [Pan Sonic Mix]
  7. Shun [Kid 606 Mix]
  8. Suspect [DJ Food Feed Em Their Rights Mix]
  9. Grace of Gad [Kidrey Thieves/Sean Beavan Mix]
  10. Heuldoch 7b [Panacea Mix]
  11. Someone Who Cares [Ursula 1000 Sheracer Mix]
  12. The Need Machine [J.G. Thirlwell Mix]
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