August 01, 2001
Avant-Garde, Electro-Acoustic, Experimental, Sound Art

Album Review

Flussdichte (which roughly translates to "dense flux") is the third release by this duo. The previous one, Speiseleitung, dates back to 1996. In the meantime David Lee Myers (aka Arcane Device) has continued to refine his technique of producing "feedback music." The artist's work consists of creating original circuitry that forces electronic effects devices to generate their own tones and patterns, often in unpredictable ways that are hard to tame. Myers fed his music to electro-acoustic artist Asmus Tietchens (aka Hematic Sunsets), who shaped it into strange soundscapes that could belong as much to Luc Ferrari and Pierre Henry as to modern sound artists like Koji Asano or Rafael Toral. Their soundscapes often hold a dark, almost gothic atmosphere -- the resonances of electronic cathedrals. Although process-generated (at least in its initial stage), the music never sounds like a calculated exercise. Each piece has been carefully shaped, composed. The sound palette is varied, but always remains close to vintage musique concrète. If track titles like "T29:M5/3" or "T31:M5/10" are not very talkative, the album title already states the best description possible: a dense, rich electrical flux, sculpted with art. Recommended.
François Couture, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. T29: M5/3
  2. T31a: M5/10
  3. T32B: M5/14
  4. T27: M5/1
  5. T28: M5/2
  6. T31: M5/10
  7. T30: M5/8
  8. T31B: M5/10
  9. T33: M5/4