November 27, 2001
Jazz, Big Band, Early Jazz

Album Review

The Alternative Takes series is of immense value to consumers of the "French Classics" CD series. These are alternate takes in chronological order of historic jazz (and some blues) with a strong representation of the swing era. The Alternative Takes, Vol. 2: 1926-1936 contains 22 Fletcher Henderson tracks on a single disc including "Clarinet Marmalade," "Jackass Blues," "You Rascal, You," "King Porter Stomp," and multiple takes of "St. Louis Shuffle" and "Variety Stomp." While the disc is definitely directed toward collectors, anyone with an interest in this period of jazz will also enjoy it.
Al Campbell, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Want to See a Little More of What I Saw in Arkansas
  2. Jackass Blues
  3. Clarinet Marmalade
  4. Fidgety Feet
  5. St. Louis Shuffle
  6. St. Louis Shuffle
  7. Variety Stomp
  8. Variety Stomp
  9. Sorry
  10. Sugar Foot Stomp
  11. Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
  12. Moan, You Moaners
  13. You Rascal, You
  14. Blue Rhythm
  15. Yeah Man!
  16. King Porter Stomp
  17. Can You Take It?
  18. Hocus Pocus
  19. Phantom Fantasie
  20. Memphis Blues
  21. Knock, Knock, Who's There?
  22. Sugar Foot Stomp [*]