October 22, 1991
Rap, Alternative Rap, East Coast Rap, Golden Age

Album Review

Playfully satirical, witty, and incredibly imaginative, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing introduced one of the freshest talents in early-'90s rap, a self-produced duo who caught the tail end of the Native Tongues family. Though Dres and Mista Lawnge didn't match the brilliant wordplay of A Tribe Called Quest or De La Soul, their topics were well-chosen, they were presented in a hilarious context, and every song was backed up by strong productions and great rapping. A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing wasn't a comedy record, but it was difficult to tell when the duo were half-serious or half-joking, especially since they were often the objects of their jokes. They poked fun at many aspects of black music and culture of the early '90s, everything from the persuasive gangster mentality ("U Mean I'm Not"), obsessions over the Afrocentric viewpoint ("Are You Mad?"), and lewd sex raps ("La Menage"), as well as an amusingly incorrect response to feminism ("L.A.S.M."). They also dropped a few of the best hip-hop club tracks of the era, the insanely catchy items "The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)," "Try Counting Sheep," and "Flavor of the Month." (Another smooth dance tune, "Strobelite Honey," was dreadfully honest about girls who look better under the lights than upon closer inspection.) Polar opposites to the ranks of somber political rappers, and deftly counteracting the indulgence and self-seriousness of many alternative groups, Black Sheep hit a height with their debut that few hip-hop acts would ever reach.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. U Mean I'm Not
  3. Butt in the Meantime
  4. Have U.N.E. Pull
  5. Strobelite Honey
  6. Are You Mad?
  7. The Choice Is Yours
  8. To Whom It May Concern
  9. Similak Child
  10. Try Counting Sheep
  11. Flavor of the Month
  12. La Menage
  13. L.A.S.M.
  14. Gimme the Finga
  15. Hoes We Knows
  16. Go to Hail
  17. Black With N.V. (No Vision)
  18. Pass the 40
  19. Blunted 10
  20. For Doz That Slept
  21. The Choice Is Yours (Revisited) [*]
  22. Yes [*]
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