April 16, 2002
Ripete Records
Rhythm & Blues, Club/Dance, Beach

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Track Listing

  1. Myrtle Beach Days
  2. Walk With Me, Talk With Me
  3. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  4. Little Red Book
  5. Call Collect
  6. She's Got My Number
  7. Somebody's Taken Your Place
  8. The Biggest Mistake
  9. Walk Away From Love
  10. Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
  11. Fourth Of July
  12. Girl You Blew It
  13. Wild Flower
  14. Ain't Giving Up Nothing
  15. I'd Be a Fool
  16. Don't Look Good Naked Anymore
  17. Shakin' The Shack
  18. Hot Nights
  19. Tumbleweed
  20. Mr. Blues
  21. Memories (And A Little Grease Spot)
  22. Jitterbug Boogie
  23. Nobody But You
  24. Shake That Thing
  25. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
  26. One Love, True Love
  27. Too Much Drink (Not Enough Sleep)
  28. Penny Lover
  29. Why Can't I Forget About You
  30. You Can't Dance ( And You Can't Sing)