October 08, 2002
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Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soft Rock

Album Review

Making his technical debut as a songwriter (technical in that his prose poems serve as a lyric source on several tracks), Art Garfunkel takes top billing in what actually qualifies as a collaboration with two other singer/songwriters, Nashville's Buddy Mondlock and L.A.-based Maia Sharp; producer/songwriter Billy Mann plays an essential creative role as well. For all the diverse input, this remains a Garfunkel project at heart. His airy, delicate singing, remarkably identical in quality to his earliest recordings some 40 years earlier, provides the essential textural reference; Mondlock's vocals uncannily replicate Garfunkel's from the opening moments of "Bounce" and elsewhere throughout the album. Only two of these songs were written by outsiders, and these -- the self-consciously buoyant "Young and Free" and uncomfortably precious "What I Love About Rain" -- don't match the rest in either musical or lyrical accomplishment. Two in particular create near-magical spells, and both are draw from Garfunkel's writing: "The Thread," a wistful chronicle of love lost amidst references to romantic landmarks in New York, and "Perfect Moment," an account of strangers exchanging glances in a theater lobby and achieving, in that timeless second, all the perfection and connection two people might expect. This performance, musically reminiscent of the Simon & Garfunkel classic "For Emily," is exquisitely crafted and impeccably performed -- a high point not only here, but in all of Garfunkel's catalog.
Robert L. Doerschuk, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Bounce
  2. The Thread
  3. The Kid
  4. Crossing Lines
  5. Everthing Waits to Be Noticed
  6. Young and Free
  7. Perfect Moment
  8. Turn, Don't Turn Away
  9. Wishbone
  10. How Did You Know?
  11. What I Love About Rain
  12. Every Now and Then
  13. Another Only One