June 01, 2004
Hux Records
Folk, Psychedelic, Folk-Rock, British Folk-Rock, British Folk

Album Review

Pentangle earned its inclusion in the holy trinity of British folk-rock -- along with Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span -- through a combination of vision, tenacity, and the virtuoso guitar playing of John Renbourn and Bert Jansch. At their peak they were a force of nature, seamlessly incorporating blues and jazz into the structured world of traditional folk like culinary graduates in their first real kitchen. The Lost Broadcasts: 1968-1972, consisting of 41 tracks from their numerous appearances on BBC radio, serves as a window into the group's most prolific era. Originally released in the mid-'90s on Live at the BBC and On Air as a nine-song set, Broadcasts features 12 cuts from BBC transcription discs and 20-odd tunes recorded off-air from AM broadcasts by devoted fan and collector David Moore. The decidedly lo-fi sound on the majority of cuts may turn away the curious, but fans will grin from ear to ear as the band blows through classics like "Light Flight," "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme," and a truly spooky version of "Hunting Song." While the arrangements closely mirror the original studio takes, the performances expound on them. Jacqui McShee, who was blessed with one of the clearest yet often weak in comparison to Maddy Prior and Sandy Denny voices of the genre, displays complete power on these sessions, making one wonder if the studio was an improper environment for her considerable talents. The previously unreleased "Name of the Game," originally recorded for the soundtrack to a film called Tam Lin, showcases Renbourn and Jansch's dual assault, and Danny Thompson, who was absent from a few recordings due to a wrist injury, provides a wicked bass solo on "I've Got a Feeling." Sound quality aside, Lost Broadcasts delivers what many devotees have been craving for decades, a snapshot of one of British folk's most versatile collectives at their creative peak.
James Christopher Monger, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hear My Call
  2. Turn Your Money Green
  3. Travelling Soung
  4. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
  5. Soho
  6. No More, My Lord
  7. Every Night When the Sun Goes In
  8. I Am Lonely
  9. Forty-Eight
  10. Orlando
  11. Three Dances: Bransla Gay/La Rotta/The Earle of Salisbury
  12. The Time Has Come
  13. I've Got a Feeling
  14. Sweet Child
  15. In Your Mind
  16. I Loved a Lass
  17. Sovay
  18. Sally Go Round the Roses
  19. Bruton Town
  20. Cold Mountain
  21. I Am Lonely
  22. The Cuckoo
  23. Light Flight
  24. Hunting Song
  25. Moon Dog
  26. House Carpenter
  27. Name of the Game
  28. Train Song
  29. Springtime Promises
  30. Country Blues
  31. The Trees They Do Grow High
  32. Lyke Wake Dirge
  33. Reynardine
  34. Light Flight
  35. A Maid That's Deep in Love
  36. Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
  37. Lord Franklin
  38. Lady of Carlisle
  39. People on the Highway
  40. No Love Is Sorrow
  41. Jump Baby Jump
  42. Cherry Tree Carol