August 17, 2004
Blues, West Coast Blues, Urban Blues, Texas Blues, Regional Blues, Piano Blues, Jazz Blues

Album Review

With Charles Brown's elegant piano style and a smooth voice that made him sound a little bit like a gruffer Nat King Cole, Brown's jazz-tinged blues (or is it blues-tinged jazz?) is the perfect music for unwinding after a bleary-eyed night on the town. This set, in spite of its claims, isn't really "the very best" from Brown, since it contains none of his classic Aladdin recordings from the late '40s and early '50s, but is comprised instead of sides he cut for Ohio's King Records in the early '60s, including the 1960 holiday hit "Please Come Home for Christmas" (the version here of Brown's other holiday hit, "Merry Christmas Baby," is not the classic 1947 recording but a stereo remake). Not having the Aladdin material doesn't make this a bad collection (Brown was too professional to ever make a bad recording), but it also doesn't make it particularly essential.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Please Come Home for Christmas
  2. Baby Oh Baby
  3. Angel Baby
  4. I Wanna Go Back Home
  5. My Little Baby
  6. This Fool Has Learned
  7. Butterfly
  8. It's Christmas Time
  9. Christmas in Heaven
  10. Christmas Blues
  11. Without a Friend
  12. If You Play with Cats
  13. I'm Just a Drifter
  14. I Don't Want Your Ramblin' Letters
  15. If You Don't Think I'm Crying
  16. Lucky Dreamer
  17. I Wanna Be Close
  18. Too Fine for Crying
  19. Come Home
  20. Blow Out All the Candles
  21. Regardless
  22. Plan
  23. Hang on a Little Longer
  24. Black Night
  25. Merry Christmas Baby