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Montreux born keyboardist Alex Bugnon was one of 1989's most impressive newcomers, and his debut album Love Season was so R&B influenced that it received a Soul Train Award nomination. "The way my first record was received gave me great confidence going into the studio to record the second one," he said of the mellow yet funky follow-up Head Over Heels -- which is mostly uptempo and features some of the liveliest acoustic soloing of that year. Making the release more impressive is Bugnon's textured production style, which is similar to that of the late soprano saxman George Howard and Najee, both of whom Bugnon toured with and was no doubt influenced by.
Jonathan Widran, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Elis
  2. Any Love
  3. Winnie
  4. Missing You
  5. Earth (Interlude)
  6. Head over Heels
  7. No Other Love
  8. Can't Get over You
  9. Dance of the Ghosts
  10. Human Epilogue
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