December 07, 2004
Rhythm & Blues

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Track Listing

  1. Ten Percent
  2. Block Party
  3. Catch Me on the Rebound
  4. Just as Long as I Got You
  5. It's Good for the Soul [Album Remix]
  6. Let No Man Put Asunder [Album Remix]
  7. Love Is Finally Coming My Way
  8. We're Getting Stronger (The Longer We Stay Together)
  9. Cheaters Never Win
  10. I Wish That I Could Make Love to You
  11. Nice 'N' Nasty
  12. Hit and Run
  13. My Love Is Free [Album Remix]
  14. As Long as You Love Me
  15. Catch Me on the Rebound [Instrumental]
  16. I Can't Turn You Loose
  17. Ten Percent [Album Remix]
  18. Law and Order
  19. Ice Cold Love
  20. Where Will It End
  21. Salsoul 3001
  22. Moon Maiden
  23. (Dance with Me) Let's Believe
  24. Catch Me on the Rebound
  25. Rocket Rock
  26. Magic Bird of Fire [Album Remix]
  27. Super Queen
  28. Stand by Your Man
  29. Your Cheatin' Heart