January 18, 2005
Hip Preist
Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Album Review

Since the turn of the century, the Fall's output has been as predictable as Rush's old "three studio albums, then a live one" way of doing things. For the Fall, it's "one cracking, great album, then one that's shoddily put together." Compilations from outside sources -- which have been generally very good since 2000 -- muddle up the sequence a bit, but we're talking band-approved releases, which the live/rehearsals/leftovers Interim is. With some exciting new tracks, Interim beats 2G+2 -- a similar collection from 2002 -- by a mile, but noisy audience recordings, odd tape edits, and chaotic rambling make this a better hardcore fan album than an introduction to the band.
David Jeffries, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. All Clasp Hands
  2. Blindness
  3. What About Us?
  4. I'm Ronney the Oney
  5. Green-Eyed Snorkel
  6. Mod Mock Goth
  7. Wrong Place
  8. Sparta FC No. 3
  9. Mere Pseud Mag Ed
  10. Spoilt Victorian Childe
  11. Boxoctosis Alarum