April 19, 2005
Electronica, House, Disco, Left-Field House, Club/Dance

Album Review

Deciding not to invoke the ire of rock gods Mick and Keith and their well-heeled team of lawyers, the duo formerly known as the Glimmer Twins made the decision to change its name to just the Glimmers. A wise move, to be sure (just ask Richard Ashcroft), as it's better to do these things before success begins to bring more and more media attention. And the attention has been well deserved, indeed. A series of thoughtfully laid-out mix CDs for the Eskimo imprint helped to further the cause that kindred spirits 2 Many DJ's and Optimo help to establish: to bring a wildly eclectic mix of new and old, popular and rare to the dancefloor and make them into a sensible session of dance music. This first mix for !K7's DJ-Kicks series keeps in that tradition, mixing Bis and Peaches with Bohannon and Chicago, and somehow has it all make reasonable sense and end up infectiously funky. Fans of their earlier works will find this equally as enjoyable, and new fans will enjoy a mix free of pretension and stylistic trends. And if you're not careful, you may learn something before it's done.
Rob Theakston, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Shack Up
  2. Lovertits
  3. Approach & Pass With Contact
  4. I Want U [Dub]
  5. Heroine [DJ-Kicks Mix]
  6. Can You Move
  7. Disko Satisfaction
  8. Get Down
  9. Everybody Get Down
  10. Fix It Man [Marshall Jefferson Vocal Mix]
  11. Kosmisk Klubbkveld
  12. Feel Like I Feel [Sing Along][Version]
  13. Impi [Dub]
  14. The Groove Machine/The Boogie Train
  15. Cassette [DJ-Kicks]
  16. Feast Dub
  17. Kel's Vintage Thought [Out Hud Remix]
  18. I'm a Man