March 08, 2005
Dutton Vocalion
Easy Listening, Show Tunes, Orchestral Pop, Instrumental Pop, Cast Recordings, Lounge, Easy Pop

Album Review

Britain-born Stanley Black came up during the 1930s as an arranger and jazz pianist; he later composed quite a number of film scores and put out scads of theme albums that were reissued during the first years of the new millennium by Dutton Vocalion. Stanley Black Plays for Latin Lovers is similar to his ultra-cool lounge album Friml & Romberg in Cuban Moonlight. Unfortunately, on the album Girls Girls Girls Black felt it necessary to back his piano, celeste, guitar and well-heeled trombones with a sugary string section, as if medleys composed of songs with female names in the titles necessitated oozing violins. The effect, which suggests badly combined prescription meds, is exacerbated by the album cover art, a collage of dolled-up disembodied female heads all pouting, grimacing, glaring, grinning and smirking like escapees from an all-night festival of B-movies.
arwulf arwulf, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sweet and Gentle
  2. Be Mine Tonight
  3. Serenata
  4. Blue Star
  5. Baia
  6. Tenderly
  7. Bern Te Vi Atrevido
  8. The Peanut Vendor
  9. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening
  10. Again
  11. Out of Nowhere
  12. I Happened in Monterey
  13. Delicado
  14. Medley: Lily of Laguna/Dolores/Pretty Polly Perkins/Stella by Starlight
  15. Medley: Mary's Grand Old Name/My Friend Elizabeth/Jeannie with the Ligh
  16. Medley: Alice Blue Gown/Sally in Our Alley/Louise/Nelly Kelly I Love Yo
  17. Medley: The Story of Tina/Oh Suzanna/Mona Lisa/Young Molly/Dinah
  18. Medley: Annie Laurie/Fare Thee Well, Annabelle/Patricia/Harriet/Peg o'
  19. Medley: Rose of Washington Square/Barbara Allen/Can't You Hear Me Calli
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