May 03, 2005
Steel Cage Records
Pop/Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Garage Rock Revival

Album Review

Supremely snotty garage punk delivered in a convincing adolescent snarl backed up with good 'n' grungy guitar riffing, Get the Revolution Out of Your Head is as primal as the current garage rock revival gets. This Seattle fivesome sounds like it has no influences that postdate the MC5 -- or at least Sub Pop-era Mudhoney -- and these 12 songs dismiss with everything except the basic precepts of Nuggets-style rock & roll. August Henrich has the adenoidal whine down pat, and there's no interest here in ballads or other changes of pace. Aside from three songs that unadvisedly creep upward into the four- and five-minute ranges thanks to some sub-Yardbirds guitar duels, Get the Revolution Out of Your Head hits the listener with one brilliant two-minute garage stomper after another. Then, unexpectedly, the album's high point hits extremely late in the game with the dead-on brilliant "The Best You Could Was Not Good Enough," a tune that matches its punk energy with a tune that recalls the shameless British Invasion obsessions of Shake Some Action-era Flamin' Groovies and takes the Earaches to a whole new level of wicked awesomeness.
Stewart Mason, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. (You're A) Liar
  2. Handcuff Luv
  3. Get the Revolution Out of Your Head
  4. Just Don't Care
  5. Fake Radio
  6. Nu-Sensation
  7. I'm Hard Up
  8. Angeline
  9. Ignorance Is Ideology
  10. The Best You Could Was Not Good Enough
  11. Surveillance
  12. So Deep
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