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Album Review

The group's first album for Matador is also one of their more accessible ones, with the group's penchant for willful eccentricity colliding with some hummable melodies. However, this release also contains plenty of what TFUL #282 fans lovingly call "Feller-filler" (i.e., noise-pieces that have no real beginning, or ending, or point, for that matter).
Heather Phares, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Four O'Clocker 2
  2. Not This World
  3. Nail in the Head
  4. Green-Eyed Lady
  5. Mother Uncle Delicious Tasty
  6. Street's Vibrated With the Traffic and Power Tools
  7. Mark My Words
  8. Push
  9. More Glee
  10. Big Hands
  11. The Marshall
  12. Sinking Boats
  13. Motorin' Flarey Jenkins
  14. 2x4s
  15. Nothing Solid
  16. Maverick
  17. Wonderbread Display
  18. The Meat Display
  19. Strife Is Good
  20. The Marshall's Boonts
  21. The World Is Changing for Good
  22. The Demise of Craig