August 16, 2005
Universal Distribution
Rap, Alternative Rap, Pop-Rap, East Coast Rap

Album Review

Win Lose or Draw was intended to right the wrongs of Ghetto Supastar, Pras' rushed debut from 1998. The MC took the heat for the earlier album's shortcomings and promised that this one would be much better, since he had a lot more time and was able to process everything through some sense of quality control. While Win Lose or Draw certainly sounds less hurried and hastily glued together (no phone messages), it's not an improvement. Pras deserves credit for a couple lines in "Party's Ova'," a track that would otherwise be easy to dismiss as another case of an MC past his sell date taking aim at the ones on top. The lines in question: "You plow the land but the masters I own" (ow!); "There's a war going on, you cats don't even know" (too true).
Andy Kellman, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Win Lose or Draw
  2. Dreamin'
  3. Light My Fire
  4. Dance Hall
  5. Haven't Found
  6. For Love
  7. Mistakes
  8. Angels Sing
  9. Mr. Martin
  10. One Monkey Don't Stop the Show
  11. Friend a' Foe
  12. Party's Ova'
  13. Ghetto Politics
  14. How It Feels