January 31, 2006
Brentwood Records
Country, Cowboy, Traditional Country

Album Review

This interesting package combines an 11-track audio CD of Tex Ritter songs with a pair of full-length Ritter films, Hittin' the Trail and Three in the Saddle, on a double-sided DVD. The music disc is on the brief side -- running almost exactly 30 minutes in length -- but makes a decent introductory sample of Ritter's mid-'40s singing style. Included are the humorous and lightly swinging "I Can't Get My Foot Off the Rail," the forward-looking (and yet not) "There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder," a believable "Long Time Gone," and the sarcastic domestic dismissal ballad "When You Leave, Don't Slam the Door." In retrospect, Ritter's tongue-in-cheek, beer-drenched musical approach on his less overtly cowboy material puts him right in the center of what would later become the honky tonk wing of modern country. The movies? Well, they don't have commercials.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Can't Get My Foot Off the Rail
  2. There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
  3. Don't Make Me Sorry
  4. I'm Wastin' My Tears on You
  5. You Will Have to Pay (For Your Yesterday)
  6. (I've Got Spurs That) Jingle, Jangle, Jingle
  7. Long Time Gone
  8. Froggy Went a Courtin'
  9. Pecos Bill
  10. When You Leave, Don't Slam the Door
  11. Jealous Heart
  12. Hittin' the Trail [DVD]
  13. Three in the Saddle [DVD]