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New Age, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Instrumental, Piano/New Age

Album Review

The latest album by the prolific Danny Wright is a meditation on the "dreams of well as warm memories of times past." Performing on a Steinway concert piano, Danny Wright plays original compositions, all tender ballads glowing with warm introspection. Unlike some of his previous albums there is no synthesizer backup here, but several of the pieces are graced by wistful violin, gentle oboe and English horn. Autumn Dreams once again shows Danny Wright to be a sensitive pianist, a master of sweet sentiment and nostalgic expressiveness.
Backroads Music/Heartbeats, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. New Beginning
  2. Autumn Dreams
  3. Little Bear
  4. Samantha's Theme
  5. First Snow
  6. Anne's Triumph
  7. Time Windows
  8. From Within
  9. Shell Island
  10. Nedeja
  11. Friends
  12. Guardian Angel
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