May 02, 2006
Electronica, Techno, IDM, Experimental Electronic, House

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Track Listing

  1. I've Got the Music in Me [Mighty Yo Remix]
  2. Big Love
  3. Psycho X Girlfriend
  4. Sunshine Hotel [Original]
  5. Are You (Watching Me Watching You)
  6. Everytime
  7. In My Life
  8. Superman [Holy Land Mix]
  9. Stand Up (If You're Ready) [Harlem Hustlers Central Park Mix]
  10. Freemind
  11. The Abwehr Disco
  12. Keep It Wrong
  13. Partypeople
  14. Right About Now [Fuzzy Hair on Vocal Mix]
  15. Bang [Bini & Martini Excl. Mix]
  16. Better Things, Pt. 1
  17. Heaven Is in the Back Seat of My Cadillac [Malente Remix]
  18. Passion
  19. Electric Funk [Lys & Gigi Remix]
  20. Need to Feel Loved [Seb Fontaine and Jay P's Type Remix]
  21. The Rock [Full Vocal Mix]
  22. Keep on Moving [Extended Version]
  23. Welcome to the Dance
  24. Greece 2000 [Extended Mix]
  25. Into the Night [Original Mix]
  26. Outside (Floor)
  27. Nothing But You [Vandit Club Mix]
  28. Everytime [Nalin & Kane Mix]
  29. As the Rush Comes [Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix]
  30. Seven Days and 1 Week [Club Mix]
  31. Move Your Body [Screen Mix]
  32. Groovejet [Extended Vocal Mix]
  33. One More Time [12" Mix]