August 01, 2006
Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative Rap, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

After losing steam toward the end of his major-label run, G. Love seems to have gotten his groove back at his new home on Jack Johnson's Brushfire label. Lemonade picks up where The Hustle left off, offering up G. Love's eclectic mix of bluesy grooves, rap, and even some psychedelic touches. He's been doing it for years with his Special Sauce pals, but like The Hustle, a good number of added players really help broaden the sound of the album. This time out, Hammond organs, piano, and Wurlitzer all add depth to the sound, while the guest shots add some variety without sounding like a marketing ploy. "Ride" starts things out with a great groove. "Ain't That Right" is more rap-oriented, but the psychedelic production flourishes take it to another place. "Hot Cookin" is on the mellow side, with great Hammond organ and a big fat acoustic bass tone. David Hidalgo adds some nice viola to "Missing My Baby"'s easy groove, while "Holla!" adds some funky Clavinet and cops the chorus from "Jack & Diane." Blackalicious and Jasper's shots put G. Love's rapping skills into perspective, and the duets with Tristan Prettyman and Jack Johnson are both album highlights. The album winds down nicely with the mellow "Breakin' Up" and G. Love going solo acoustic on "Still Hangin' Around." After more than a decade in the biz, G. Love seems comfortable at his new indie home and Lemonade finds him playing to his strengths. Still hangin' around, indeed.
Sean Westergaard, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Ride
  2. Ain't That Right
  3. Hot Cookin'
  4. Can't Go Back to Jersey
  5. Missing My Baby
  6. Holla!
  7. Banger
  8. Thanks and Praise
  9. Let the Music Play
  10. Free
  11. Beautiful
  12. Rainbow
  13. Breakin' Up
  14. Still Hanging' Around/Sneakster
  15. Love
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