October 10, 2006
Voiceprint Records
Folk, Psychedelic, Folk-Rock, Americana

Album Review

This combination of Michael Chapman's two Americana albums is where his renaissance really begins, with some wonderful, thoughtful guitar work on the acoustic -- exactly what he does so well, taking ideas and playing with them. He's a great picker, and one whose relaxed style readily evokes long afternoons in the American South. There's nothing to choose above anything else on the two discs -- in fact, putting them together is completely natural. Chapman can be impressionistic, as on "Swamp" or "Blues for the Mother Road," but also quite straightforward -- witness "The Coming of the Roads" or the brief "Dust Devils." The lovely thing about this record is that it falls outside any easy categorization. It's not quite folk, not alt-country, and not easy listening (although it's easy to listen to). Instead, it perhaps stands among the pantheon of new pickers, the ones who could be the Windham Hill of the new millennium. But there's plenty of depth to every piece of music here, the sign of a craftsman at the top of his trade.
Chris Nickson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. A Stranger's Map of Texas
  2. Sweet Little Friend from Georgia
  3. Ponchatoulah
  4. Jumping Geordie
  5. Swamp
  6. The Coming of the Roads
  7. Caddo Lake
  8. Indian Annie's Kitchen
  9. Rattlesnake
  10. Be Natural
  11. Anything But the Blues
  12. La Madrugada
  13. Breakfast in California
  14. Silverking
  15. Blues for the Mother Road
  16. When Dottie Goes Dancing
  17. Apache Creek
  18. Looking for Charlie in Nogales
  19. White House
  20. Ghosts in the Sycamores
  21. Dust Devils
  22. Thunderbird Lodge
  23. So Many Echos
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