September 19, 2006
Castle Music Ltd.
Pop/Rock, Art Rock, British Psychedelia, Prog-Rock, Psychedelic

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Track Listing

  1. The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack [Single Version]
  2. Azriel (Angel of Death)
  3. Flower King of the Flies
  4. Rondo
  5. War and Peace
  6. Dawn
  7. The Cry of Eugene
  8. America: Second Amendment
  9. The Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon
  10. Little Arabella
  11. Happy Freuds
  12. Intermezzo from the Karelia Suite
  13. Ars Longa Vita (Symphony for Group and Orchestra)
  14. Azrael Revisited
  15. Diary of an Empty Day
  16. For Example
  17. She Belongs to Me [Live at Fillmore East, New York] [Live]
  18. The Five Bridges Suite: Fantasia - 1st Bridge/2nd Bridge/Chorale - 3rd ...
  19. Country Pie/Brandenburg Concerto No. 6
  20. Hand on to a Dream [Live]
  21. America [Live]