April 01, 1982
Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Chicago Blues, Regional Blues, Slide Guitar Blues

Album Review

While he was not in top shape during the early '80s, J.B. Hutto could still bend strings, churn out whiplash chords, and offer exuberant shouts, which he did on this '82 set, reissued on a '92 CD with two bonus cuts. He did not always hit every note on the fretboard or maintain his vocal depth, but his spirit never flagged. Hutto's jagged lines, energized vocals, and inspiring presence made his originals standouts, while his covers of Little Walter Jacobs' "Tell Me Mama" and Elmore James' "Look At The Yonder Wall" resonated with the quality that only a genuine blues survivor could provide. The backing band of guitarist Steve Coveney, bassist Kenny Krumbholz, and drummer Leroy Pina gave Hutto good support, wisely yielding him the spotlight, where he belongs.
Ron Wynn, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. I Feel So Good
  2. Lula Belle's Here
  3. Leave Your Love in Greater Hands
  4. That's the Truth
  5. My Heart Is Achin' to Love You
  6. J.B.'s Crawl
  7. Please Help
  8. Angel Face
  9. Tell Me Mama
  10. Lone Wolf
  11. Look at the Yonder Wall [#][*]
  12. Combination Boogie [#][*]