November 14, 2006
Pop/Rock, Blues-Rock, Southern Rock, Arena Rock, Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Album Rock, Boogie Rock

Album Review

Depending on who you ask, Lynyrd Skynyrd circa the early 21st century is either a glorified tribute band (as of 2007, only two original members are present from its '70s era lineup), or a group that does a fine job of keeping the spirit and legacy of Ronnie Van Zant alive. And Skynyrd continues to roll along -- as do compilations that are probably not overseen/OK'd by the band -- such as 2006's Face to Face. Credited to Lynyrd Skynyrd/Van Zant, the album manages to include latter day live versions of '70s era Skynyrd classics -- with Ronnie Van Zant's younger brother, Johnny Van Zant, supplying the vocals -- as well as solo tracks credited solely to Johnny. The renditions of "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird" follow the original renditions faithfully, while such Van Zant solo material as "Get What You Got Comin'" and "Black Bottom Road" shows the singer not straying far from the Skynyrd sound. But the vast majority of fans looking to pick up a Skynyrd compilation will be looking for a set that spotlights the group's lofty '70s era -- not their latter days -- which makes Face to Face a pretty unnecessary release.
Greg Prato, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Sweet Home Alabama [Live]
  2. That Smell [Live]
  3. Get What You Got Comin'
  4. Black Bottom Road
  5. Gone Fishin'
  6. Simple Man [Live]
  7. What's the World Coming To
  8. Show Me
  9. Downright and Dangerous
  10. Saturday Night Special [Live]
  11. Free Bird [Live]
  12. Sweet Home Alabama [DVD][Live]
  13. That Smell [Surround Sound][Live][Multimedia Track]
  14. Get What You Got Comin' [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  15. Black Bottom Road [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  16. Gone Fishin' [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  17. Simple Man [Surround Sound][Live][Multimedia Track]
  18. What's the World Coming To [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  19. Show Me [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  20. Downright and Dangerous [Surround Sound][Multimedia Track]
  21. Saturday Night Special [Surround Sound][Live][Multimedia Track]
  22. Free Bird [Surround Sound][Live][Multimedia Track]
  23. Oklahoma [DVD][*]
  24. Simple Man [Live Video][Multimedia Track]
  25. Bonus Features [DVD]