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Album Review

This "musical documentary" is sort of the audio equivalent of a PBS special about the legendary dobro player Josh Graves. Narrator Bob O'Donnell walks the listener through stories and historical accounts from Bill Monroe, Marty Stuart, Mac Wiseman, Jerry Douglas, and others, as well as presenting musical examples of Graves' crisp playing. While informative and well-produced, it serves more as an instructional historical document rather than a solid listen from beginning to end. Still, anyone interested in an in-depth study of the man and his music would be hard-pressed to find a more educational place to begin.
Zac Johnson, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Reubin's Train
  3. Katy Hill
  4. Marty Stuart Talks
  5. Cuttin' the Grass
  6. Bordertown Blues
  7. Ain't They Crazy
  8. Lance Leroy Talks
  9. Little Burma Through the Bayou
  10. Gretna Green
  11. Earl's Breakdown
  12. Martha White Theme (You Bake Right)
  13. Shig-A-Dig
  14. Introduction to "The Boys from North Carolina"
  15. The Boys from North Carolina
  16. Little Home in West Virginia
  17. Joe Wilson Talks
  18. Rock Away
  19. Bill Monroe Talks
  20. Wheel Hoss
  21. Dobros in Scotland
  22. Mac Wiseman Talks
  23. Reading Your Letter Again
  24. In the Jailhouse Now
  25. Seven Bridges Road
  26. Jerry Douglas Talks
  27. House of Scruggs
  28. Jerry Douglas Talks
  29. Fireball
  30. Conclusion
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