February 01, 1991
Folk, Traditional Folk

Album Review

The Cumberland Three's second and third albums combined on one CD, and reissued in the wake of Ken Burns' Civil War series. Songs of the Civil War are spirited performances, based on arrangements by Oscar Brand or the group members, with only one original ("Bessie") by John Stewart, that fits in perfectly with the period material. The original order of release put the North's volume first, but the CD puts the South's songs first among the 23 tracks. The material holds up remarkably -- some of the more familiar songs include "The Yellow Rose of Texas," "Hold Our Glasses Steady," "Story of the Lamb" (aka "Rally Round the Flag Boys"), "Bring the Good Old Bugle" (aka "Marching Through Georgia"), "Back to Home," and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." The singing and playing are of a very high caliber, with "Gonna Get You" being perhaps the best sung song here, followed closely by "Shipmates Come Gather," stunningly moving performances of "The Boys Are Home" (aka "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"), and "Battle Hymn of the Republic." And "Bring the Good Old Bugle" offers Stewart's best banjo work.
Bruce Eder, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Hallowed Ground
  2. I Don't Want No Pardon
  3. Lay Ten Dollars Down
  4. Number 292
  5. Aura Lee
  6. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  7. Goober Peas
  8. Picket's Lament
  9. Hold Our Glasses Steady
  10. Bessie
  11. The Coward
  12. We'll All Take a Ride
  13. Down to Washington
  14. Marching Home
  15. Story of the Lamb
  16. Tobacco Box
  17. Gonna Get You
  18. Bring the Good Old Bugle
  19. Song of the Hungry
  20. Shipmates Come Gather
  21. The Boys Are Home
  22. Back to Home
  23. Battle Hymn of the Republic