Jet found international popularity during the early 2000s, a period in which the band's mix of Exile on Main St. swagger and brash, AC/DC-styled stomp dovetailed nicely with America's garage rock revival. Hailing from Melbourne and comprising guitarist Cameron Muncey, drummer Chris Cester, bassist Mark Wilson, and frontman Nic Cester, the foursome formed just as the new millennium was beginning. They quickly self-released 2002's Dirty Sweet, a vinyl-only EP that proved to be quite popular in Australia. The EP sold out of its initial run of 1,000 copies, and Jet's acclaim grew in the U.K. as they issued another limited-edition run. An American deal with Elektra surfaced in early 2003, and the Dirty Sweet EP was released domestically that May. An opening slot for the Rolling Stones in Jet's homeland soon followed. With buzz brewing about the band's skuzzy, old-fashioned hard rock, Jet's proper studio debut arrived in November under the title Get Born.

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