Lynn Strait

Such heavy metal/rap bands as Rage Against the Machine and Korn paved the way for countless other bands in the '90s, including the California outfit, Snot. Many of Snot's fans would agree that what set the group apart from the rest of the pack was their charismatic frontman, Lynn Strait, who injected his hardcore roots into the group's music. But despite a promising future that lay ahead of the group, Strait's tragic death after only a single album would put an abrupt end to Snot by the end of the '90s. Born in Manhasset, New York sometime during 1968, Strait and his family relocated to Santa Barbara, California as a teenager, where he immediately embraced the local punk/hardcore scene. Although he had no previous experience singing in a band, Strait began working with regional groups, and even played bass for an outfit called Lethal Dose. By the mid '90s, Strait had made up his mind to front a group, leading to the formation of Snot. Joining Strait was bassist John Fahnestock, drummer Jamie Miller, plus guitarists Sonny Mayo and Mike Doling, who immediately built a solid following in the Los Angeles area with their explosive live show. The quintet inked a deal with Geffen shortly thereafter, although Strait wasn't present for the signing, as he was busy finishing a month-long sentence in a County Jail.