The Haunted

Arising from the ashes of the important mid-'90s Swedish death metal band At the Gates and featuring former members of Witchery and Face Down, the Haunted went through countless lineup changes during the late '90s before finally releasing The Haunted Made Me Do It in 2000, confirming the excitement surrounding the band. Back in 1996, guitarist Anders Björler and bassist Jonas Björler left At the Gates, eventually ending up as early members of the Haunted, along with ex-Seance guitarist Jensen and ex-At the Gates drummer Adrian Erlandsson. Though it took them nearly a year's time to find an adequate vocalist, they eventually settled on Peter Dolving from Mary Beats Jane after Earache approached the group about contributing music to the Earplugged 2 compilation. Soon the band went into the studio with this lineup and recorded its self-titled debut, which won plenty of praise from the metal community.