Scott Johnson

American composer and guitarist Scott Johnson incorporates modern instrumentation such as the electric guitar into his works. The New York-based composer started out in Wisconsin, where he was raised, and studied visual arts at the university. In addition to his major, Johnson played in local rock bands and took music theory courses during this time. After relocating to N.Y.C. in 1975, he focused solely on visual arts for a few years before his music interest was reignited by working on a sound sculpture. Johnson has gone on to compose works for ensembles including Kronos Quartet ("How It Happens") and the Scott Johnson Ensemble. He has toured Europe and North America both with his ensemble and on solo tours. "John Somebody" is one of the most acclaimed of his compositions, which have been recorded for labels including Point Music and Nonesuch. Patty Hearst was released on the Tzadik label in 2007. In 2010, Johnson released Americans (also on Tzadik), including a three-movement, ten-years-in-the-making major composition of the same name based on the experience of immigrants in the United States.
Joslyn Layne, Rovi

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