Big Sugar

The eclectic Toronto blues-rock outfit Big Sugar was primarily the project of singer/guitarist Gordie Johnson, who teamed with bassist Terry Wilkins and drummer Al Cross to record the group's 1992 self-titled debut LP. By the time of 1993's Five Hundred Pounds, Wilkins was missing from the line-up; a number of guest musicians fleshed out the recording, among them multi-instrumentalist Kelly Hoppe, who (along with new bassist Garry Lowe) was installed as a permanent member by the 1995 EP Dear Mr. Fantasy. Drummer Walter "Crash" Morgan replaced Cross during Big Sugar's subsequent tour of the U.S.; sadly, while playing a date in Iowa, Morgan died onstage, and was replaced by ex-Odds drummer Paul Brennan in time for the 1996 release of Hemi-Vision. Gavin Brown then assumed Brennan's duties on 1998's Heated.The band remained busy in the 2000s, with albums like Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready? and EPs such as Dear M.E..
Jason Ankeny, Rovi

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