The Muffs

In the late '80s, founding Muffs Kim Shattuck and Melanie Vammen joined the heralded Los Angeles garage band the Pandoras, and under the direction of talented pop songwriter Paula Pierce, began to fall into over-exerted heavy metal posturing. After the disbanding of the Pandoras, Shattuck and Vammen formed the Muffs with drummer Criss Crass and bassist Ronnie Barnett. After two singles for indies Sub Pop and Sympathy for the Record Industry, which generated a large underground buzz, the Muffs were picked up by Warner Bros. and subsequently released their powerful eponymous debut album in 1993. Shortly after, Crass left the group and was replaced temporarily for the tour. Finally, after two years of touring in small venues throughout the world, the Muffs headed back into the studio to record the follow-up, Blonder and Blonder; now a three-piece due to Vammen's departure, which was caused by the typical musical differences. She would later turn up in long-standing California punk-pop band the Leaving Trains. For the Muffs' second album, ex-Redd Kross drummer and longtime Muffs friend Roy McDonald joined the group. Happy Birthday to Me followed in 1997, trailed two years later by Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow; a rarities collection, Hamburger, appeared in early 2000. After a five-year break from recording, the group reconvened in 2004 to release their fifth studio set. Really Really Happy.
Matt Carlson, Rovi