One of the leading post-punk revivalists of the 2000s and 2010s, Interpol took their cues from Joy Division and the Chameleons, fashioning a darkly atmospheric sound helmed by intricate guitars and Paul Banks' somber baritone. The group also had a striking visual presence marked by the members' fondness for suits, which only strengthened their stately, British-influenced appeal. Nevertheless, the band remained rooted in America, where guitarist Daniel Kessler and drummer Greg Drudy first struck up a musical partnership while attending New York University. Carlos Dengler, another NYU student who had previously played guitar, joined as the group's bassist -- and by sheer coincidence, Kessler later bumped into Banks, a guitarist/vocalist whom Kessler had spent time with in France. Having settled on an initial lineup, Interpol became a fully active band in 1998 and began issuing a series of eight-track recordings. After the band's first gigs in early 2000, Drudy vacated his position and was replaced by drummer Sam Fogarino.

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