Stephen Bladd

The only native Bostonian in the J.Geils Band, Stephen Jo Bladd was born on July 13, 1942, hailing from the Dorchester/Mattapan area of the capital of Massachusetts. Drummer with Peter Blankfield -- better known as Peter Wolf -- in the Boston area band the Hallucinations, they are both said to have worked at a framing shop on Newbury Street along with Hallucinations member Doug Slade. Former WBCN disc jockey Buffalo used to air "rare tapes" on 104.1 FM and told AMG that there were early recordings made by Bladd and Blankfield known as "The Bathroom Tapes" produced at Wolf's apartment in the Queensberry St./Newbury St. section of the Back Bay of Boston. Barry Tashian of the Remains lived in the same building and as more urban legend has it, was in the room at the time of the recordings. They were called "The Bathroom Tapes" because of the echo utilized off the walls in the bathroom of Wolf's apartment, and they are said to contain four songs. More material was allegedly recorded in an M.I.T. classroomon with Wolf's reel-to-reel WebcoTape recorderer. These are the first known tapes of Bladd, legendary drummer for the J.Geils Band. One tune was played on 93.7 WCGY in 1992 when Wolf appeared on "The Demo That Got The Deal" radio show.