Martin Hannett

An important figure as the producer behind a number of influential records made between the late '70s and early '90s, the name Martin Hannett is probably best recognized in the credits of singles and albums released by Joy Division and New Order. From the Buzzcocks' legendary Spiral Scratch (credited as Martin Zero) to the first Stone Roses single, Hannett helped define the sound of his hometown of Manchester, England. He was also involved as an in-house producer for a number of labels apart from Manchester's Factory, including Rabid. A great number of myths surround the man, thanks in no small part to his erratic, compulsive, hedonistic personality. His working methods were psychological as much as they were technical, much to the chagrin of those he worked with. But when he struck gold, the trouble was all worth it. With many of the punk bands he worked with, he envisioned raw materials that could be bent, folded, and improved with his influence and manipulation.

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