Mick Harvey

Multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey is best known for his deep roots in the tangled family tree of singer Nick Cave. Playing a pivotal role in the Cave-fronted Boys Next Door (1977-1980), Birthday Party (1980-1983), and Bad Seeds (1984 on), Harvey added intricate details and anonymous atmospherics that gave life to the singer's ominous narratives. On-stage, in a wardrobe of dark suits, the Bad Seeds flanked Cave, responding to the singer with a choir of baritones. Their collective sound elevated his musical assaults and mournful ballads to points of breathtaking drama. On his own, Harvey made numerous contributions to the Bad Seeds' side projects and composed music for a number of independent films. He came closest to emerging from behind Cave's shadow with his two tributes to French singer/songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, Intoxicated Man (1995) and Pink Elephants (1997).