Danny Klein

Danny Klein was born in New York City on May 23, 1946, and lived in New Jersey from when he was six to 17 years of age. His earliest musical influences came from listening to the radio: the Supremes, Motown, and mostly blues music from Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, and Sonny Boy Williams; to the R&B of King Curtis, the Rolling Stones, and everyone else in between. The bassist spoke with All Media Guide on May 30, 2002: "[I listened to] New York AM radio, a whole lotta R&B, Otis and the Supremes, the Motown thing, the Memphis thing, and the New York thing, and all that, a lot of R&B in those days, a lot of black stuff....I guess before that like in the '50s you'd never hear that, the original artists doing the music, you'd hear Patti Page covers, you know that kind of thing. But at that time, in the '60s, it started to cross over...also there were shows out of the Bronx...goin' on at night...they'd play some really funky stuff and blues...so that's basically how I got it. We didn't even have a record player in the house 'till my sister got one, we were not a very musical family."