Dead Guy In An Envelope (3:40pm).. we have a gold medalist!
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After 32 days of competition, it was TOM HARTMAN (St-Jerome) who solved the case of the "Dead Guy in an Envelope", guessing that our man was in fact..


John Clellon Holmes (March 12, 1926, Holyoke, Massachusetts – March 30, 1988, Middletown, Connecticut) was an American author, poet and professor, best known for his 1952 novel Go. Considered the first "Beat" novel, Go depicted events in his life with his friends Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg. He was often referred to as the "quiet Beat" and was one of Kerouac's closest friends. Holmes also wrote what is considered the definitive jazz novel of the Beat Generation, The Horn.  (More..)


TOM wins a pair of tickets to see BLACK SABBATH on April 7th at the Bell Centre!  Tune in on Monday at 3:40pm to kickoff a new round with a new dead guy and a new prize to claim.  Enjoy the Winter Games from Sochi this weekend!

Here are the clues that TOM based his guess on..




Today is DAY-32 of the contest, and here's what we know so far.. the "dead guy" :


- was NOT a musician

- was NOT an athlete

- WAS born on the continent of America

- was NOT a black man

- was NOT an actor

- was NOT associated with baseball

- was NOT a photographer

- WAS born in North America

- was NOT a politician

- WAS some kind of artist

- WAS a writer

- DID die before the year 2000

- did NOT die in 1969

- WAS older than 50

- did NOT die in the 1800s

- DID die in his 60s

- was NOT involved in pro football

- did NOT work for a newspaper

- was NOT Canadian

- first name did NOT start with a vowel

- WAS born in the 20th century (1900-2000)

- WAS a poet

- his last name DID start with "H"

- was NOT an inventor

- did NOT die in 1986

- did NOT die of leukemia

- WAS born in a State starting with "M"

- first name did NOT start with "R"

- first name did NOT start with "H"

- DID attend Columbia University

- did NOT die in the early 70s


Just in case you were wondering.. the "dead guy" is NOTNelson Mandela, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Dean, Ronald Reagan, Terry Fox, Orville Redenbacher, George Washington, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Gilles Villeneuve, Emile Nelligan, Theodor "Dr. Suess" Geisel, John Steinbeck, Jack London, Tom Clancy, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemmingway, L. Frank Baum, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, Fred Gibson, Richard Yates, Robert Lowell, Langston Hughes, Howard Hughes, John Oxx, Dick Higgins, James Hurlihy or Jimmy Hoffa (?) or George Harrison. 



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