VIDEO: "Heaven Knows" leaves The Pretty Reckless fully exposed!
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If you've already done a little research on The Pretty Reckless, you'd know that the band's leading lady isn't known to shy away from nudity.  While Taylor Momsen remains pretty tame on TPR's video debut for their radio hit "Heaven Knows," you best not blink or you might miss the naughty bits! 

Pick up or download the new album, Going To Hell from The Pretty Reckless on March 14th. 



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  1. NIX posted on 02/14/2014 09:48 AM
    Watching the video compelled me to actually register an account with Chom. I saw Taylor and PR open for Evanescence back in October 2011 @ Metropolis. Initially I thought they were pretty good but I had no idea who she was. So when I found out last week she played Cindy Lou Who and had a recurring role on Gossip Girl, I became somewhat curious and researched some more. I am no prude and have listened to a lot of great heavy rock that has the darker side lyricism but this is really over the top on every level. Sad because I love the music and her voice. It's kick ass rock right up my alley. Hard to get past a twenty year old blatantly glorifying satanism and exposing herself the way Taylor does. Maybe it's all an act but if you do the research, watch the videos of check out here photo images, she makes Marilyn Manson look like a school child. 'Heaven Knows' is a great song though! Keep on Rocking Bilal!
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