Dead Guy In An Envelope (3:40pm).. was NOT known for college baseball career
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Can you solve the caper of the missing dead guy?

Montreal's favourite afternoon challenge is back with another round and up for grabs this time is (4) tickets to MLB Preseason Baseball: Toronto Blue Jays VS. New York Mets - March 29th at Stade Olympique.

Tune in to the Afternoon Rock Ride with Bilal every weekday at 3:40pm and listen for the signal.  If you're caller-9 at 514-790-0977, you get to play "Dead Guy in an Envelope" for a chance to win.

Ask a YES or NO question about who the mystery "dead guy" could be, and then you take a stab at it for the big prize and ultimate bragging rights!


So, who is it?



Today is DAY-22 of the contest, and here's what we know so far.. the "dead guy" :


- WAS born on the continent of America

- was NOT some kind of artist

- was NOT a boxer

- WAS an athlete

- DID play for a New York team

- did NOT play for NY Yankees

- did NOT play hockey

- DID play baseball

- last name did NOT start with a vowel

- was NOT a broadcaster

- WAS a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers

- first name did NOT start with "J"

- first name did NOT start with "T"

- did NOT die in Montreal

- was NOT an actor

- did NOT die before 1970

- last name did NOT start with "S"

- DID die after year 2000

- was NOT inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame (Cooperstown)

- was NOT a Major League pitcher

- was NOT known for college baseball career



Just in case you were wondering.. the "dead guy" is NOTGary Carter, Paul Walker, Mike Tyson (?), Jesse Owens, Duke Snider, Jackie Robinson, Bobby Thompson, Warren Spahn, Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Babe Ruth, Don Drysdale, Roberto Clemente, Gene Mauch, Walter Alston, Al Gionfriddo, Al Lopez, Andy Pafko or Rod Dedeaux.